Performs now, protects the future.

How does a bottle get a new lease of life?

Bullet what is eco-core?

eco-core, is Wellman International’s fully validated range of sustainable polyester staple fibres made from post consumer recycled plastic bottles

Bullet making eco-core fibre…

2.2 billion bottles are recycled annually
  • equivalent to 200,000 barrels of oil saved annually
  • eliminates 300,000 tonne of harmful air emissions
  • 4 times lower carbon footprint than virgin PET fibre

Bullet why choose eco-core fibre?

  • Superior fibre quality
  • 40 years of recycling and sustainable experience
  • Validated and traceable sustainability - download our independent LCA report.pdf

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Bullet closed loop system…

Wherever possible, Wellman International can recover up to 100% OF POLYESTER COMPONENTS from products that have reached their end-of-life stage

If these products have already been produced using Wellman fibres, we can then reintroduce them into our raw material streams - and so begins the entire fibre-making process once again

That’s what we call the Wellman Closed Loop System

Closed Loop System Infographic
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